NEWSLETTER OF LTTA3 Chaidari, Athens Greece, “Myth Busters for Environmental Justice”.

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NEWSLETTER OF LTTA3 Chaidari, Athens Greece 

The Organization O.C.E.A.N NGO, organized a meeting in early July with the principals of the two cooperating schools of the 3rd High School of Egaleo and the 1st High School of Peristeri who participated in the training in Turkey. The coordinator of our NGO and the project manager/trainer of LTTA3 participated in the meeting. The further planning of the program was set and the development of the environmental groups in the new school year in the two schools was initiated, so that volunteer students would also participate in the training that would take place in November in Athens by the O.C.E.A.N NGO.

A meeting was held between the coordinator and the Mayor of Haidari and the Director of Culture and Education of the municipality regarding the granting of the hall of the Municipality’s culture center for the LTTA3 seminar. The hall was granted with consent. The Mayor and the Director personally attended the First day of the training.

O.C.E.A.N.NGO from the 29th of November 2022 till the 2nd of December 2022 took over the organization of LTTA3 in Chaidari with the title: “Myth Busters for Environmental Justice”.

The methodology of the training was based on the Pedagogy of the Oppressed and the Theatre of the Oppressed (The branch of Newspaper Theatre), with main goals to stimulate Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Active Engagement in all participants (mainly the students) and to be able to identify the oppression within the causes of Climate Change and to Co-Create scientific knowledge, along with their teachers, so that the Environmental Myths would be debunked, through Action-Theatre.

Teachers and students from 5 countries participated in the training.

All goals of the LTTA3 were reached.

The students worked, along with their teachers under the facilitation of the OCEAN NGO trainer, Dimitris Katsidoniotis. Starting from the writing of short stories, participating in Augusto Boals’ and other theatrical improvisation and bond-strengthening techniques, as well as pedagogical creative methodologies, students worked in 5 random mixed (mixed students from all countries along with mixed teachers) teams, out of a total of 52 people, and they finally created 5 minutes’ performances, along with the Jokering-discussion, based on newspaper articles that they had already chosen, concerning Climate Change. All performances were recorded.

Based on them, international and intercultural debates took place.

Target group: students from all partner’s schools

Objectives: 1.The students trained in the field of volunteering emphasizing on environmental protection, leadership, personal development, and creativity.

2.The development among students of linguistic and literary skills, communication, teamwork, IT skills, cultural awareness, and expression, learning to learn-metacognitive skills.